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About Us

Established in 2018 in the vibrant landscape of Peru, we are more than just a translation service – we are your strategic partner in effective global communication.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Excellence: At Estrad Services, we don’t just meet industry standards; we exceed them. Our membership in prestigious translator associations underscores our dedication to delivering top-quality and ethically sound translations. When you choose us, you’re choosing a team of language professionals who prioritize precision, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication.

Global Reach with Local Expertise: Picture your message resonating globally while preserving its local nuances. That’s precisely our expertise! Our team of native-speaking translators covers a wide spectrum of languages, ensuring your content speaks to a global audience without losing its local flavor. We specialize in building linguistic bridges that transcend borders.

Timeliness and Accuracy: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, we understand that time is of the essence, and accuracy is paramount. At Estrad Services, we serve as both timekeepers and guardians of language, guaranteeing that your translations are not just punctual but also flawlessly executed.

Embark on a journey where words dissolve barriers and unlock new possibilities. Let’s make your communication truly global, starting today!


Explore our range of services: Certified translations, precise subtitling, tailored localization, meticulous transcription, and impactful captioning


Precise and culturally adapted translations by native professionals, ensuring your message is understood globally.


Closed captions and subtitles in various accepted formats for business videos, talks, and training materials and more in different formats: SRT, VTT, ASS, SSA among others.


Precision in adapting marketing materials, help guides, and e-learning content for global audiences, ensuring linguistic and cultural alignment

Transcription and Captioning

Expert audio-to-text conversion, accommodating verbatim transcriptions, multiple speakers, and various formats for comprehensive accessibility.


  • E-Learning: Course materials, Instructional guides, Video transcripts, Assessments and quizzes, Online course platforms, E-books and digital resources, Interactive modules, Educational videos, Training manuals, Student handbooks
  • Financial: Annual reports, Financial statements, Audits and reviews, Compliance documents, Investment reports, Banking documents, Tax documents, Insurance policies, Loan agreements, Financial presentations
  • Legal: Contracts and agreements, Court documents, Legal briefs, Deposition transcripts, Patent applications, Trademark registrations, Copyright documentation, Legal correspondence, Regulatory documents, Legal notices
  • Marketing: Advertisements and ads, Marketing campaigns, Brochures and flyers, Website content, Social media posts, Email marketing, Product descriptions, Press releases, Branding materials, Market research reports
  • Business: Business plans and proposals, Corporate communications, Employee manuals, HR policies and procedures, Business reports and analysis, Business presentations, Financial forecasts, Company newsletters, Internal memos, Training materials
  • Entertainment: Scripts for movies, TV shows, and theater, Subtitles and captions for videos and films, Video game localization, Song lyrics and music translations, Press releases for entertainment events, Publicity materials for artists and performers, Event promotion content, Entertainment industry reports, Talent contracts, Event schedules

Meet our CEO

Certified by the Colegio de Traductores del Peru (Peruvian Translators Association), Jenny combines her legal studies, Master’s in Business Management, and international experience to provide top-notch translations. At Estrad, we pride ourselves on working exclusively with highly skilled professionals who hold degrees in translation

Jenny Garcia

Meet Jenny Garcia: Your Trusted Translator and CEO at Estrad